Welcome to Viniyoga Journey

where Yoga is taught as

Therapy, Healing, and Prevention


 Practice Yoga… “confirm the positive relationship

you have with yourself,
the journey of wellness that keeps your
body, mind, heart, and spirit healthy and joyful."

- Susan Krantz -

The intention of a Yoga practice
is to encourage the calm in the deepest parts of us to flourish;

to promote strength and flexibility so we can move with ease and stability;
to promote healing when parts of us are broken and need mending;
and to promote relaxation so that we awaken ready to meet our life's responsibilities with the necessary clarity of mind.

Yoga is meant to benefit you.

If you practice yoga for physical reasons

muscles feel strong and supple after practice.
 If you are attracted to the relaxation aspect

you feel refreshed and rested afterwards.

If strengthening a spiritual connection is the draw

then meditation and pranayama are a part of your practice.


Ayurveda is marvelous for helping to stay grounded through all the seasons in the northeast where winters can be harsh to skin and digestion,
and summer can overheat the body.

 As the mother science of yoga Ayurveda incorporates preventative
practices to optimize health, wellness and longevity.


Susan Krantz, Director

Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher

Ayurvedic Life-style Counselor, Reiki practitioner

Yoga – Taught in group and private classes.
Ayurveda counseling – by appointment.