Bhāvana (intention): I joyfully share yoga and Ayurveda based seasonal practices
with individuals in private or group classes to specifically meet the needs of the
students. Practices may include: āsanas (postures), prāņāyāma (breathing), chanting

(sound), meditation, ritual, śavāsana (rest) or nutritional counseling.


My Journey:

As a young girl, I dearly loved and admired my grandmother. She was eternally young and energetic to me. Mêmêre had a tremendous influence in my formative years. I remember mustard patches on my chest when I had a cold, tea concoctions when I had a stomach ache, and neighbors seeking her advice for their ailments. She kept a beautifully tended garden with herbs, flowers and vegetables. There was always abundance and she was quite generous with anyone who asked her about her expertise as an herbalist, and horticulturist. I was beginning to pay attention to her healing skills in the year before her death. Mêmêre continues to be an inspiration and guide in my heart.


I first became interested in Yoga while in high school. There were no classes to be found in Southern New Hampshire in the early 1970’s so I bought a book and taught myself. It was too easy – I mean the postures were too easy and beyond postures I did not see the value of Yoga. In my late twenties I injured my shoulder renovating an old house. In my rush to renovate every room as quickly as possible and have fun and raise a family and… well, yes, I overdid it, by trying to do it all (at once).


So that took the wind out of my sails for a couple of years. The recovery process was not going smoothly. I was trying to avoid surgery and allow the shoulder injury to mend itself – in that process of seeking alternative and complementary care I met a woman, Pat Bruno, who became my first yoga teacher. Through her expertise as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, and massage therapy – the shoulder healed in about 18 months.


Part of the recovery process was learning about my body, mind, spirit and heart – their strengths and limitations. The more subtle important aspects of yoga were revealed to me during the recovery process, such as breathing techniques to calm and focus my mind, meditation, the value of sleeping through the entire night to awaken refreshed, eating fresh food, becoming more conscious of my actions and their consequences, and listening to the direction my heart was taking me.


I have a daily personal yoga practice to sustain my energy level, stay connected with my heart's desire, meditate and to remain grounded in my life so that I live a joyful, healthy and full life.


I teach to share the deeper meaning of the incredible wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda to help others find their inner peace, remain grounded, heal from injury/pain and positively further personal endeavors.


Pat Bruno started a yoga school and I was certified by Pathways Yoga Systems, (Exeter, N.H.) in 1998 to teach Yoga. Pat is a mentor and friend. I encourage anyone who wishes to learn locally (Boston and New England area) about the deeper aspects of yoga and teach yoga to study with Pat.


In 2000, I met Gary Kraftsow at the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI) in Maui at the Art of Personal Practice retreat that he and Mirka Kraftsow taught. I then went on to study and receive Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist certifications through AVI.


As all teachers do, I continue my studies — in Ayurveda, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s (the philosophical foundation of yoga training), Energy Healing, and Positive Psychology.