What People Are Saying

"I am into my second Yoga for Low Back Pain class with Susan. I have known her as a colleague in the past, planning yoga classes, but this is the first time I have had her as an instructor. Susan is great! She assesses each member to see what their needs are and then bases the future classes on those needs. She is nurturing in her approach and individualizes instruction to each participant. She does not rush her class and remains afterwards for any questions. Besides this, my back always feels better for having taken the class."


"Susan teaches in a safe environment. She is very good about checking in with her participants to be sure she is meeting their needs.  She asks clarifying questions."


"Thank you for helping me with my injuries (herniated disc, tendonitis and bursitis). I wouldn’t be able to climb four flights of stairs to my new apartment without you and your classes. Viniyoga truly changed my life, and your wisdom will stay with me always." E.H.


"I received very clear instructions from Susan’s style of teaching. Private lessons reduced my pain with empowering practices. I learned about my body in general, how to move better, and how to prepare my body for movements of various intensity which are healing and not harmful for my individual needs." C.M.


"In individual sessions, I learned to experience āsanas more fully; to be more aware of their impact on different parts of my body; to explore and modify them as needed, and in so doing to observe the subtle changes in their effect." J.S.


"Thank you Susan. The meditation practice you gave me was so helpful. You so tuned into me in a very gentle, wise way." M.H.


"Thank you for all your kindness. My shoulder is improving." J.D.


"Thanks for all the comfort and peace you bring to our lives through yoga."P.C.


"I can hear the sound of your voice every time I stretch . I can lie on my back, close my eyes, and breathe deeply for 20 minutes, and actually come out of it rested - a behavior learned and not forgotten in your care." K.C


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the blessing of your class yesterday. It was wonderful. I think it has truly inspired me to further develop my practice of Viniyoga. I would love to work with you further and felt a real connection to you. Thanks again for re-opening my mind and heart to this wonderful practice." P.K.


"Thank you for the meditation practice that you mailed to me last year at a critical point in my life. I still have it, use it, aprreciate it immensely and enjoy your yoga class." P.G.


"I have been taking private and group Viniyoga lessons with Susan for about 14 months, and am certain this has been one of the most important things I have done for myself in years. The improvement in my sense of well being both physically and spiritually/emotionally has been directly related to my yoga practice with Susan's careful, caring and expert guidance. Susan is an exceptional teacher in the true sense of the word. While sharing her extensive knowledge and experience, she has helped me create my own practice such that I have a clear sense of what my needs are from day to day and can fashion my own daily practice around them easily. She has taught me to intuitively understand my body and energy and to fully FEEL each breath and movement. That is a huge gift. She helps you find your own path and gives you the tools for further growth. Susan also has an acute ability to observe the nuances of your practice in class and finds creative ways to instruct. She has a great sense of humor while being completely dedicated to her mission as a teacher. It is a pleasure to learn from her, to be in her space, and to feel this trust as one of her students. Susan has given me so much, and has opened many paths." C.R.


"Susan has guided me in the development of a personal practice that has enabled me to start the healing of structural imbalances of many years. Her style is uniquely respectful of the student. Learning is not something imposed from the outside, instead she uses her extensive knowledge and experience to guide the student in an evolving practice where the student's own self awareness is awakened and the changes come from deep within.  It is a remarkable experience, it flows! C.B.